Friday, March 4, 2011

Is Neuroaccounting Waiting in the Wings?

By Jacob Birnberg & Ananda Ganguly.

This paper reviews a recently published handbook on neuroeconomics (Glimcher et al. 2009H) and extends the discussion to reasons why this newly emerging discipline should be of interest to behavioral accounting researchers. We evaluate the achieved and potential contribution of neuroeconomics to the study of human economic behavior, and examine what behavioral accountants can learn from neuroeconomics and whether we should expect to see a similar sub-field emerge within behavioral accounting in the near future. We conclude that while a separate sub-field within behavioral accounting is not likely in the near future due mostly to practical reasons, the behavioral accounting researcher would do well to follow this discipline closely, and behavioral accountants are likely to collaborate with neuroeconomists when feasible to examine questions of mutual interest.
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