Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Big Financial Lie – How Growing Income Inequality, Too Big To Fail Banks, and Stock Market Delusion Swindled the American Public and Dissolved the Middle Class

Via Foreclosure Blues.
What then of reform?  The banking system needs a complete overhaul.  Investment banking and commercial banking need to be split right down the middle.  There should be a zero guarantee on any investment bank activity and absolutely no access to the Federal Reserve.  You want to gamble you do it with your own capital.  It is simply amazing that we haven’t had this accomplished even after having our own rendition of the Great Depression.  Instead, to solve the problem of too big to fail the too big to fail got even bigger.  To solve our debt problems we went into deeper debt.  So not only are the banks central to the crisis not brought to justice but they are rewarded to become even bigger with taxpayer backing.  It is amazing that people aren’t on the streets because of this.
This isn’t a chapter from Alice in Wonderland or 1984 but the serious financial reality of today.  The stock market rally is based on fumes just like we are to believe that the $5.4 trillion in deposits at FDIC insured banks is somehow “backed” by a deposit insurance fund with no money.  It is entirely based on faith.  Since moral hazard is now built into the system you can rest assured another crisis is only around the corner.  Why are we to expect anything different?  The amount of toxic loans still out there is enough to sink the entire banking system.  Instead, we are to pretend that all is well because the banks now have access to the hard work and system we know as the American economy.

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