Friday, January 7, 2011

Angel’s Advocate Measuring National Grid of Governance

By Jayaribcm's Blog.
Devil’s Advocate is logical always, offers alternative action for the same view. When Madoff finds difficulty having come to the end of his tethers on his ponzi scheme Devil’s Advocate tries alternative routes available to continue with the same Ponzi scheme. Ambition continues its journey and ponzi scheme brings in more number of gullible investors. $1 billion grows steadily to a fund of 10..20..30..40..50.
Devil’s Advocate does not offer Doniger the options available to the scientists and cultural experts taken into the ruins of history who could never come back, for the very purpose of the project is to experiment with the disaster and the scientists had been made aware of the risks well in advance, well paid and more than sufficiently covered by the insurance, in the event they choose to stay back. Devil’s Advocate checks Doniger’s logic as to the preservation of his fees, endorses it and admires Bob’s acumen of his wording – they choose to stay back. Devil’s Advocate is the only person who gains and the rest despair and disaster. That’s the power of logic, it is straight, does not have any opposite, ambitious strategic moves on the same plane, moving the pawns to convert into Queen and check mate the opponents, without an iota of risk to the strategist. Quite logical indeed, for all.
Usually the proponent of one school of thought makes a claim and the opponent from the other school raises objections to the claim. What one believes in with great conviction, the other has diametrically opposite views. Both are right in their own sphere of thought process. Logic makes it right on both the ends, never wrong in either. Whereas Truth is always paradoxical. That’s why Truth is illogical. Truth has opposite values. Truth involves completely opposite values; then only, it can be Truth, is what Angel’s Advocate propounds. Angel’s Advocate is never seen, never listened to, not during the journey expressing the freedom of enterprise, not even after the disaster strikes many ruining every family across the nation, for the perpetrators turn to be the Devil’s Advocates for themselves even from the prison cell for a chance to become like a man again who sold Eiffel Towers twice.

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