Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How I Became a Con Artist

Via Salon (Big H/T to SimoleonSense).
My biggest single score came when I discovered a dollar store that sold remainders. I bought a hardcover about Richard Nixon with a list price of $35, walked it to the bookstore and left with a gift card for the full amount. Then I went back to the dollar store and bought all eight remaining copies, returning them sporadically over the next year.
I did have two basic rules: I only conned corporations, never individuals -- and I did not shoplift. Shoplifting wasn't any worse morally; I just thought it was too easy. Instead, I was after a challenge. Sure, it was nice to get a few bucks or a gift card, but the real thrill came from my ability to manipulate, to outwit a large corporation. I wasn't just stealing; I was striking a blow for the common man against Big Business.
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