Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Post-Madoff Wave of Investment Fraud is Breaking

I usually don't post on current cases but I found this post on Brewer Financial Services interesting... via Investor's Watchdog.
The Complaint alleges that, from June 2009 through at least September 2010, the defendants raised approximately $5.6 million from 74 investors who invested in promissory notes issued by an Isle of Man company. Although investors were told that their money would be used to repay certain debts of the issuer’s parent company, and thereby release assets that would be used to secure their promissory note obligations, the Complaint alleges that nearly all of the offering proceeds were transferred to BIG and its subsidiaries. According to the Complaint, in addition to misrepresenting the manner in which the offering proceeds would be used, the defendants failed to tell investors that BIG and its subsidiaries were in a precarious financial state. In addition to sustaining substantial operating losses from the inception of the offering through the present, BIG had failed to make required interest payments to investors by July 1, 2010, and had failed to meet its own payroll obligations by August 2010. The Complaint alleges that, notwithstanding, and without disclosing, this material information, the defendants continued selling promissory notes to new investors for at least three additional months. According to the Complaint, the note offerings were not registered with the Commission.

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