Saturday, November 13, 2010

Accountants Urged to Look Beyond Financials

Fairly light article via WebCPA (T/Y AccountingWEB).
“The clear consensus among the panel was that increased globalization and the recent financial crisis have placed the profession squarely in the spotlight,” said IFAC CEO Ian Ball. “Professional accountants play a key role in reporting on financial results and providing assurance on those reports, which is particularly important in this challenging time.”
“Going forward, the profession is certain to continue to evolve,” said Ball. “For example, integrated reporting—which encompasses an organization’s economic, social, and environmental results—will become the norm, and the profession will play a key role in providing assurance on non-financial results, as well as embedding these results into strategy and performance management. As we lead this transformation, we will need to enhance our collective skills and competencies. We expect these changes will increase the profile of the profession and help us continue to attract the best and brightest.”
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