Tuesday, October 5, 2010

If You Want to Catch a Liar, Make Him Draw

Via Neuronarrative (Psychology Today). 
Researchers hypothesized that several tendencies would become evident in the scribbles and sketches of liars not found in those of non-liars. For instance, they suspected that liars, when asked to sketch out the particulars of a location where they hadn't really been to meet someone they hadn't really met, would provide less detail in their drawings. They also suspected that the drawing would seem less plausible overall, and would not include a depiction of the person they allegedly met.
They also hypothesized that non-liars would use a "shoulder-camera" perspective to draw the situation--a direct, line-of-sight view that previous research suggests is more indicative of truth telling. Liars, they suspected, would use an "overhead-camera" perspective, indicating a sense of detachment from the situation.
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