Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Body Language of Liars

Excellent post via Spycatcher. Also, be sure to download the article on the "Four Domain Model of Detecting Deception" from the link below.
During my last year at the FBI, I submitted my research and findings on deception, including a review of the literature for the previous 40 years.  This led to the FBI publication of an article entitled “A Four Domain Model of Detecting Deception; an Alternative Paradigm for Interviewing.”  In that article, I presented a new model for the law enforcement and intelligence community for detecting lies, based on the concept of limbic arousal and our displays of comfort and discomfort of which I have previously blogged.
Simply put, The Four Domain Model suggested, based on the research I had done, that when we are telling the truth and have no concerns, we tend to be more comfortable than when we are lying or worried about getting caught because we harbor “guilty knowledge.”  The model also shows how we tend to emphasize when we are comfortable and truthful, and when we are uncomfortable, we don’t.  Lastly I reflected on “perception management,” such as “I am a good Catholic, I would never do that,” which police officers often noted coming more from liars than truthful individuals.
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