Monday, October 4, 2010

3Q10 Securities Class Action Filings Remain Below Historical Averages

Via The D&O Diary.
New filings against companies in the financial services sector remain an important component of new securities class action lawsuits. During the third quarter there were eight new filings in the 6000 SIC Code series (Finance, Insurance and Real Estate), and an additional three new filings involving firms without SIC Codes but that are financially related. These eleven total new filings against financially related firms represented about 28% of third quarter filings.
Subprime and credit crisis related securities class action lawsuits continue to be filed in the third quarter of 2010. Seven, or about 18%, of the third quarter filings were subprime or credit crisis-related.
While filings against financially related companies continue to predominate as they have since 2007, there were a number of other areas of concentration in the third quarter as well. As I have noted elsewhere, there was a proliferation of filings in the third quarter against for-profit education companies. A total of six for-profit educational companies were sued in the third quarter.

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