Monday, September 20, 2010

Welcome to the Sleight of Hand Blog!

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the Sleight of Hand Blog! As a former guest writer on, I've decided to start my own blog that will focus on all things fraud and white collar crime. I am an accountant aspiring to help protect the investment community from white collar criminals.

Sleight of Hand's Ultimate Goal? To provide readers with insightful information that will help them look at white collar crime from a different lens; one where the reader can "step into the shoes" of a financial felon. Sleight of Hand wants to help readers understand the psychology of criminals, how they are able to get away with their wrongdoings, and the laws that are allowing them to commit their crimes.

To achieve this goal, I'll be providing an array of material for readers. The general setup will be as follows:

"The Daily Fraud Fix". These will be posts that will provide more than just updates on the current 'hot' fraud case. Instead, these posts will include articles, videos, regulatory material, and psychological studies that will provide readers with information that will help achieve the ultimate goal.

"The Sunday Sinner". On the last Sunday of every month, I will post a case study that will provide an in depth analysis on topics like (1) current fraud cases, (2) psychological studies, and (3) academic reports. For an idea of what these studies will be about, take a look at my posts on SimoleonSense.

"The Round Table". Once every couple of months, I'll post an interview I have with informed individuals within the white collar crime industry. This could include anyone from former fraudsters to forensic accountants and professors. Prior to the interview, I'll let you know of who I'm interviewing and request that you send me questions that you'd like me to ask.

Enjoy and Stay Informed. Remember, the only way to catch criminals is to learn to think like one.

- Fraud Girl -

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