Saturday, September 25, 2010

Top Ten Books in Corporate Governance

Via Truth on the Market. 
After two years of steadily writing and commenting about corporate law as a junior academic trying to make my bones in this business (and, I hope, saying something interesting, as for example my recent 16 Defenses against the federal proxy access regime mandated by Dodd-Frank) I thought that I would take a month or two and edify myself in the field.  It seems like it could be a nice break just to let my brain absorb for a few weeks rather than focus on producing.  Maybe give the rat in my head some time off from the wheel.  To that end, I chose ten books that are required reading for the modern corporate governance thinker.  Well, let’s make it twelve.  Most I’ve read before, a few I am reading for the first time.  Here is my list of the top ten must reads, and I would be interested to hear what our readers or our blog neighbors suggest should be added to the list.

Click Here to Read: Top Ten Books in Corporate Governance

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