Thursday, September 23, 2010

On Federal Prosecutors Behaving Badly (In 4,000 Words)

Excerpts via WSJ Law Blog. 
Much of the problem, reports the paper, rests with the fact that too often prosecutors put aside judgment and discretion, and “deliberately cut corners to win.” Prosecutors are overworked and, have insufficient oversight and, according to Loyola law school professor Laurie Levenson, are the A+ students who aren’t accustomed to losing.
“Prosecutors think they’re doing the Lord’s work, and that they wear the white hat. When I was a prosecutor, I thought everything I did was right,” said Jack Wolfe, a former federal prosecutor in Texas and now a defense lawyer. “So even if you got out of line, you could tell yourself that you didn’t do it on purpose, or that it was for the greater good.”

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